Unlabelled is the co-product of the will to discover and improve yourself, to keep faith when the odds are against you, to keep your mind clear, stay focused in the darkest times, and to believe in yourself when no one sees your full potential. All the answers you are searching for are within you, therefore you already know what you have to do, the path is yours, no one else can do it for you but your journey can inspire others. In a world in which we have to understand, dig deep in and refine our identity, we have to detach ourselves from labels imposed by our surrounding and mainstream cultures, to seek truth in what is truly essential.


At its core the project aims to highlight and support talents in urban sports, art and music though is not limited to. So far Unlabelled has been recognized for its work in the inline skating especially for the support of girls/women by creating and sharing video content. Said otherwise by many, we "placed the girls on the map" with the project Unlabelled Girls. New projects like BladeTube and Blading Spain focus on blading only while Unlabelled Media is dedicated to the core team and any content related to projects we are involved to. We produce clothes available on the Unlabelled Store


We try to produce video content to motivate, music to inspire and clothes to feel great. We are totally independent so the support of our audience and community is crucial to our journey. We also provides a wide range of audiovisual, web design and tutoring services under the name of Digitweaks. The studio works for music labels, clothing brands, event organizers, sport clubs, pro athletes and entrepreneurs.


Our community is mainly composed of bladers / aggressive inline skaters, some skateboarders, graphic designers, music producers, and a quite eclectic range of different talents. Initiated by Gaets Krop, videographer and web designer, who has a foot into aggressive inline skating and the event and music industry.