Aggressive inline skating profile of Unlabelled funder and ambassador Gaets Krop filmed between 1996 and 2014 edited in one white night after an epiphany of “why am I not releasing my own profile?!”

To give more insight on the legacy the profile isn’t itself the legacy, the term is used as a way to close an era of doubts and constant delaying of putting yourself out there for people to see your art and passion. As a young kid I had to travel so often and rebuild constantly my circle of friends that I took the habit of thinking “the day everything will be properly set then I will show what I got”. Well, the perfect moment never showed up, from a disrupted and scattered private life to injuries, studies and tinted romances, the peer pressure to stop taking risks and tame yourself. Time passed by so quickly I was in my early 30’s when I realized the amount of footage in stock and my doubts were the only obstacle to edit and release my own profile. I didn’t believe I could do something interesting with all the clips but to my surprise it came out better than expected. As the edit has been done in less than 12 hours during a long white night of epiphany, I surely could have done way better, but at least I’ve done something and it’s out there. That’s the legacy, don’t wait until you’re on your death bed and say “I wish I could have done it”

One love, peace, keep skating!

Intro Music : Boudha-K “Boudha-K Anthem”
(currently EGOBY
Main Music : AudioZumb “A Voz”